Oh food… how i love thee….

I love food. I really love food. I reaaally REALLY love food. And it can be a problem as much as a solution.

I’m originally from a culture where eating what’s been served in your dish is not enough, cooking is also reinforced. But we are in the midsts of a food revolution.

We Colombians are suppose to cook all kinds of dishes that take on average an hour, an hour and a half to prepare (or more, if you are cooking for the household). We have grandmas still living home and we have maids that cook for us. But the increased welfare of our country has been distributed -still very unevenly though- through society, meaning that now a days not everybody can afford a maid.

We tend to live at home till we turn 30 and then we move out, when we get married (with women being expected to fulfill the maid/grandma/mom whole in the new household).  I’ll tell you what, Colombian women might be sexy but we are not exemplar housewives. We are as worthless as man are, cause we never had to do anything home… we had granny and maids too!

I had to learn the hard way. I moved out of home in the beginning of my twenties, meaning I had the time to cook, but I did not had the experience to be a housewife. I was working 40 hours a week and it was heavy.  I still wonder how my mom could make a meal before work, and another after coming home from a ten hour shift… Cause, oh yeah, we Colombians eat warm twice a day -and sometimes even three times.

I learned my share through my independence, to cook Colombian, but as I’m now dutch also dutch. I’ll draw the two lines: Colombians eat beans, meat, easy carbs like rice, potato or cassava, and what do dutch eat?  bread -three times a day-. They also love mashing their food. But when they are not eating their bread with chocolate sprinkles on top or with weird looking spreads , or mashing their potatoes……  they are eating a lot of Thai, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and basically anything considered by the rest of humanity as more edible than their salty licorice.

I will try to put the best of both words on your dish. All recipes I’ve managed to cook myself and feed to my friends, with good reviews and zero poisonings reported. And hey! IF I COULD COOK, SO CAN YOU!

Enjoy your meal!

(not me)


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